Protect Your Yard From Erosion

Install a retaining wall in Cartersville, Powder Springs, Kennesaw, GA or surrounding areas

When your house is built on a slope, running water will flow across your yard, picking up dirt along the way. Eventually, even minor erosion can lead to significant damage to your yard. But You can keep your land in its place by installing a retaining wall.

Retaining walls help slow water down and direct it through your yard properly. They also prevent the ground from being washed away and act as decorative features on their own. AJ's Tree Service and Landscaping LLC can install a retaining wall for your home in the Cartersville, Powder Springs or Kennesaw, GA area. Our landscaper will work with you to build an effective wall that also matches the style of your home.

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Hire a team you can rely on

Hire a team you can rely on

Since your retaining wall holds your landscaping in place, it needs to be built to resist the elements for decades. The team at AJ's Tree Service and Landscaping is highly trained and will install a wall designed specifically to match your yard. Our landscaper uses quality materials and will build your retaining wall to last.

Start designing your wall when you call us today. We serve Cartersville, GA and the surrounding areas within 30 miles.